Analysis of common problems encountered in the operation of beer keg washing machine


Every summer, the demand for beer in the retail market […]

Every summer, the demand for beer in the retail market begins to soar. With the increase in the output of manufacturers, the problem of beer keg washing machines has been put on the agenda. Everyone is using the beer keg washing machine. What problems do you usually encounter? Let's take a look.

1. The pipe clamps at the pipe connections of mechanical equipment should be maintained regularly, and the loose pipe clamps should be tightened immediately to prevent them from falling during actual operation. The filter tube should be checked before use to see if the material layer is intact to prevent scars caused by external force rupture or liquid splash. After installing the equipment, each machine and equipment needs a cable connector to ensure that the grounding equipment is intact.

2. Before opening the pump every time, please check whether the pipeline gate valve is in the correct open and closed state to avoid the pipeline blockage and the excessively high working pressure of the system software, which may suffocate the plastic hose. When squatting down in actual operation, the fermentation equipment cannot get up quickly, and always avoid touching the wine head. The connection of the heating pipe should be checked frequently to avoid the danger of electric shock due to water seepage.

3. When wiring the heating tube connector, wire it to ensure that the connection is firm.

4. When the plastic hose of the beer keg cleaning machine is connected to the connector, the hose clamp should be stuck in the groove of the connector. Make sure the connection is secure. When the shredder is started, personnel should keep a certain distance from the machine and equipment. The terminal screws of the heating tube should be maintained regularly to see if they are loose. If they are loose, tighten them immediately to avoid loose ignition and danger.

5. Before cleaning the rotating barrel, make sure to empty the working pressure in the barrel before unloading the vines to prevent the high working pressure in the barrel from seriously damaging lives. In actual operation, check whether the electrical connection wire of the heating pipe is overheated. If it is overheated, turn off the power immediately and replace the cable kit.

6. In the event of a sudden power failure, the pipeline gate valve and power switch should be closed to avoid accidents caused by sudden telephone accidents.

7. When boiling, the operator should always observe the boiling situation in the pot to prevent the beer malt from overflowing. When opening the gate valve, do not point the inlet and outlet at people to prevent heat or alkali spray from splashing on people.

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