Beer equipment, brewed beer equipment: filter problems?


When brewing beer with self-brewed beer equipment, ever […]

When brewing beer with self-brewed beer equipment, every step is crucial. In the brewing process, some small problems may arise. For experienced old brewers, solving the problems is very simple, but for brewers who are new to home-brewed beer, small problems are not easy to solve. For example, filtering, how to not affect the speed and quality of filtering?


When using self-brewed beer equipment to make wine, the reasons that affect the quality and speed of wort filtration are as follows:

The quality of raw materials: The quality of raw materials has a great influence on the filtration of wort. The poor quality of malt used, the incorrect ratio of raw materials and the incorrect ratio of material to water will affect the saccharification effect, which will cause problems in the filtration of wort.

The way of crushing malt: The way of crushing malt will affect the filtration of wort mainly in two aspects:
1. The integrity of wheat husk, which is the filter medium for wort. The degree of looseness of the wheat husk forming the filter layer has a lot to do with the quality and speed of the filter

2. The degree of crushing is directly related to the effect of saccharification, so it will also affect the filtering effect of wort. It is recommended that you use home-brewed beer equipment to crush malt, you can use re-moisture crushing and wet crushing, so as to ensure the integrity and crushing degree of the husk.


The effect of saccharification and the quality of saccharification will also affect the filtration of wort. Because during saccharification, the concentration and viscosity of the wort and the amount of substances that are not decomposed play a key role, so we must strengthen the control of saccharification, especially the degree of decomposition of various polymer substances is very important, and also control the total Mash, avoid too long filtering time.


The brewing process of home-brewed beer is very rigorous. Regardless of the selection of raw materials, brewing technology, and every operation of home-brewed beer brewing, we must be careful and serious, and the use of home-brewed beer equipment should also be carried out in accordance with requirements.

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