Beer filling should pay attention to


Small beer equipment is a variety of problems in many m […]

Small beer equipment is a variety of problems in many manufacturers to produce manufactured, from raw materials, yeast formulation, brewing liquid, filling, etc., today, today, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of the filling process.


First, the requirements for filling the beer bottle
The degree of cleanliness of the bottle directly affects the quality of beer, to solve the absence of cross-pollution during the washing bottle, and make the bottle's washing rate should reach the beer wash bottle. In response to the above requirements, the whole machine uses the form of a separate dual-end structure of the inlet and outlet. Take a multi-slot segment soaking and internal spray cleaning method in the washing process. In the score, the external score is taken, and the bottle end box is made of stainless steel, and the cleaning, sterilization line system is provided separately in this box.

Second, after filling, cover (sealing)
The cover is a key process of beer forming a bottle. In addition to resolving the general filling problem of beer, it is necessary to solve the comprehensive problem of non-secondary pollution of bottles, cover, beer during filling. Therefore, the internal structure and shape structure of the entire combiner, the setting of the filling process route, the conveying of the cap system, and the setting of the CIP cleaning system must comply with the production of beer bottles.


Third, filling beer requirements for working environment
Beer filling is not only stringent requirements for the bottling equipment, but also on the environment of the bottling workshop, especially the filling area, also proposes to strict environmental hygiene requirements. The purification room is recommended to use epoxy ground to avoid the seam residual bacteria. It is also required to be equipped with a SIP bubble cleaning system. This keeps the clean, clean and clean, the site environment of the equipment, provides reliable environment for the beer filling. In this area, the bottle system still needs to provide a dust cover and a bottle of disinfection tank, so that the clean bottle enters the filling cover.

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