Beer production equipment shares the stability of brewing beer


Beer equipment is very common in our company, and it is […]

Beer equipment is very common in our company, and it is also used more. In the process of use, we should first pay attention to the stability of brewing beer. During the storage process of beer, it will often cause sunlight odor and reduce beer. Therefore, it is very important to improve the stability of white bottle beer, and beer production equipment shares the stability of brewed beer:


1. The residual alkalinity of brewing water is below 5°dh, and deoxygenation treatment is carried out. The saccharification feeding and pouring mash are set at the bottom, and the operation is anaerobic as far as possible. The low temperature feeding is beneficial to the decomposition of b-glucan and the leaching of phosphate. Saccharification controls the stirring speed, the speed during feeding is 60 rpm, and the stirring is not started when the protein is at rest.



2. When filtering, try to shorten the filtering time and control it within 2.5 hours. Keep the wort clear and reduce the fatty acid content during filtration, which is beneficial to improve the flavor stability of the beer. Adjust the PH value of the wort water to 5.6-6.0, and control the residual sugar of the wort by 3-4% to reduce the leaching of harmful components in the wort.


3. The wort in the boiling pot is heated up from 75°C to 100°C after a long period of time, the inner heater is easy to coke, and furfural compounds are produced at the same time. The wort at 75°C is rapidly heated to 95°C through a plate heat exchanger with steam as the heat source, and then poured into a boiling pot. The wort is immediately heated to boiling, destroying the polyphenol oxidase and reducing the progress of harmful reactions. Guaranteed boiling strength of 8-10% to promote coagulation of coagulable proteins. Add good quality wort clarifier carrageenan (because the flocs formed by poor quality carrageenan and protein will break, suspended in the wort, and will adhere to the tank wall, making cleaning difficult.). Beta-acid hop oil and tetrahydroisomeric hop extract are added during the boiling process, and ordinary hops cannot be used. Boiling wort to adjust pH to 5.2 is beneficial to beer taste and colloidal stability.


4. The tangential speed of the wort entering the rotary sedimentation tank is 20m/s, and the sedimentation time is 30 minutes to effectively separate the thermal coagulation.

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