Beer production equipment - the secret of endless beer foam?


It's spring again, do you want to drink draft beer agai […]

It's spring again, do you want to drink draft beer again? The secret of endless beer foam in beer production equipment.


Beer is no stranger to frequent drinkers. Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage for mankind and the third most consumed beverage in the world after water and tea. Beer is a low-alcohol liquor full of carbon dioxide brewed by yeast fermentation with barley malt, hops, and water as the main raw materials in beer brewing equipment. But there is a big problem with drinking beer, that is, the foam of the beer is always unplayable.


When a beer is opened, a large amount of carbon dioxide foam gushing out of the bottle is an occasional (and unshaken) situation. This phenomenon occurs because when the beer is brewed in the beer brewing equipment, its main raw material, barley, has suffered a fungal infection.



However, these fungi attached to the surface of barley are rich in hydrophobins, which absorb carbon dioxide produced during fermentation during the brewing process of beer brewing equipment. When the beer contains too much carbon dioxide, there is a lot of foam when you open the bottle.


In order to cope with this phenomenon when brewing with beer brewing equipment, breweries will add hops extract as an antifoaming agent. The surface hydrophobin binds, and the carbon dioxide that has been taken away will not leave as much in the beer.


Based on the use of hops extract, Belgian food scientists have recently developed a new technology to remove foam - using magnets. They found that applying a magnetic field during beer brewing turned these hop extracts, which act as antifoams, into smaller particles, which in turn allowed them to bind more efficiently to hydrophobins (smaller molecules with increased surface area). principle), and it can also prevent the beer foam from running out of control. When this method is actually used in beer brewing, its excellent efficiency will allow brewers to reduce the amount of hop extract added, which has considerable potential to reduce costs. The research team said that in future studies, it is hoped that under the conditions of industrial production, only the application of a magnetic field can reduce the effect of foam formation.


Because hops (Humulus lupulus), also known as hops, are used in brewing beer from its inflorescences. So, next time you encounter a beer eruption, remember: don't be anxious, don't panic, don't be afraid, keep calm, and after cleaning up the spilled beer, you can calmly share the principle of beer "runaway". In this way, it not only shows tolerance, avoids blaming friends, but also exudes the infinite charm of being a scientific youth.

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