Brewing process of home-brewed beer equipment


Materials: Variety and quality of malt With the coopera […]

Materials: Variety and quality of malt

With the cooperation of computer and testing equipment, brewed beer equipment can choose different brewing control schemes according to different needs to achieve accurate adjustment of parameters such as temperature and pressure during the production process to ensure the demand of brewed beer on the production process.

Hops are an indispensable raw material for brewing self-brewed beer equipment. Hops make beer more refreshing and delicious. It can effectively extend the shelf life of beer, improve the bitterness and flavor of beer, and optimize the formation of beer foam. In general, the larger the hops, the faster the dissipation, and the higher the alcohol content, while the smaller and less the hops, the slower the dissipation, and the lower the alcohol content. However, because the alcohol concentration is different, the surface tension of the liquor is different, so the size and retention time of the hops formed by shaking the bottle are also different.

Malt is a hard grain that matures faster than other grains, so it is often selected as the main ingredient for brewing beer. Barley must be transformed into soluble sugars used in the brewing process through the malting process. In addition to general malt, crystalline malt or roasted malt can also be used as a brewing type ingredient in home-brewed equipment.

The degree of pulverization of raw materials: The finer the pulverization, the better. If the pulverization is not good, too many coarse particles will make the raw materials unsuitable for water absorption, while the relative area is small, which is not conducive to the decomposition of enzymes.

The technology of home-brewed beer equipment is simple and easy to operate. It can be brewed at room temperature. At the same time, the brewing cycle is short, only 4-6 days. At the same time, the nutrition and freshness of beer are completely saved without pasteurization. . The brewed beer can be stored for 3 to 6 months.

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