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Small-scale brewed beer equipment cleaning system Small […]

Small-scale brewed beer equipment cleaning system Small and medium-sized craft beer equipment generally use mobile CIP cleaning trucks, which are flexible in operation and easy to use. They mainly include alkali tanks, hydrogen peroxide tanks and sanitary centrifugal pumps, and can be equipped with manual and semi-automatic control.


Small and medium-sized craft beer equipment generally uses mobile CIP cleaning trucks, which are flexible in operation and easy to use, mainly including alkali tanks, hydrogen peroxide tanks and
Composed of sanitary centrifugal pumps, can be equipped with manual and semi-automatic control
Cleaning of brewing beer equipment:
The most common cleaning method used in modern breweries is in-situ cleaning, which means that the equipment and pipelines are cleaned and sterilized under airtight conditions without disassembling equipment parts or pipes. Whether it is a large beer equipment or a small beer equipment, cleaning and sterilization is the basic work of beer production, and it is also the most critical technical measure to improve beer quality. The purpose of cleaning and sterilization is to remove as much as possible the dirt generated on the inner wall of the pipeline and equipment during the production process, and eliminate the threat of spoilage microorganisms to beer brewing. Among them, the fermentation workshop has the highest requirements for microorganisms, and cleaning and sterilization work accounts for more than 70% of its total work. At present, the volume of fermentation tanks is getting larger and larger, and the material conveying pipeline is getting longer and longer, which brings many difficulties to cleaning and sterilization. How to clean and sterilize the fermentation tank correctly and effectively to meet the current beer "pure biochemical" needs and to meet consumers' requirements for product quality should arouse the great attention of beer brewers.


It is impossible to clean a large container like a fermenter by filling it with lotion. The in-situ cleaning of the fermentation tank is not carried out by me through the machine. There are two types of washing container: fixed ball washing type and rotary jet type. The washing liquid is sprayed to the inner wall of the tank through the scrubber. In this way, the mechanical effect is very small, and the cleaning effect is mainly obtained by the chemical action of the cleaning agent.

According to the cleaning operation temperature, it can be divided into cold cleaning and hot cleaning. In order to save time and lotion, people often clean under temperature conditions; for large tank operation cases, cold cleaning is often used.

Cleaning the pipeline
In order to enhance the cleaning effect, when cleaning the pipeline in the brewing beer equipment, attention should be paid to its mechanical effect. In order to receive a relatively good cleaning effect, when using hot cleaning fluid, the flow rate in the tube should be controlled to one to 1.5 meters per second; when using silent cleaning fluid, the difference should be determined according to the difference in tube diameter The flow rate. At the same time, the cleaning of CO? and compressed air pipelines and accessories should also lead to attention.


Cleaning the heat exchanger
In principle, cleaning the heat exchanger and cleaning the pipeline are the same. In normal working conditions, the medium in the heat exchanger is in a pure flow state. Therefore, if you want to have a relatively good cleaning effect, you should use a cleaning fluid with a flow rate that is 20 to 30% higher than the original plan. To clean the heat exchanger in the beer production equipment.


Cleaning tank
Can use an automatic can washer to clean the cans in beer production equipment. There are two types of tank washers: mechanical type and spray ball type. If the beer brewing equipment is relatively dirty or the diameter of the tank is relatively large, this situation is suitable for a mechanical tank washer, because its outlet pressure can increase, which can increase the cleaning intensity and add a cleaning radius. Compared with the spray ball type tank washing device, the mechanical type tank washing device has a lower flow rate of cleaning liquid when in use.


Clean brewing beer equipment parts and machinery
There is no fixed way to clean beer production equipment parts and machinery, just follow the normal cleaning process of general equipment.
The cleaning of beer equipment is indispensable. In our lives, the use of self-brewed beer equipment is very common, but its cleaning method cannot be ignored. Let's take a look at the cleaning method of self-brewed beer equipment:

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