How to choose craft beer equipment


First, there are several definitions of craft beer bars […]

First, there are several definitions of craft beer bars:
   Craft beer bar: There are performances and stages. This business model is generally a mature bar that wants to add craft beer in the store.
   Craft beer house: Only craft beer is sold, which can meet the in-store sales while satisfying take-out delivery. Generally equipped with light meals and snacks and simple barbecues.
   Craft beer hall: only craft beer house, providing distribution of surrounding catering. Take-out, not sold in the store. This type of store is generally small, and the store does not need too much decoration.
   Craft Brewery: Establish a brewery. According to the needs, users can choose the Smithley's original pulp beer equipment with a daily output of 1,000 liters, 2000 liters, 5000 liters, and more than 10 tons.
Beauty and style of craft beer equipment
  The main part of the entire craft beer equipment crushing system, saccharification system, fermentation system, ice water tank and other double-layer thermal insulation tank body parts, valve body pipe fittings are made of sanitary stainless steel. It guarantees the pure taste and hygienic index of beer, and also greatly extends the effective service life of the equipment.
In the hotel catering area, copper plates can also be selected as the outsourcing saccharification tank to make the main body of the equipment more beautiful and elegant.
Commonly, the equipment used for bars and hotels, especially saccharification equipment, can choose copper outsourcing or stainless steel outsourcing, and there is a certain price gap. Do not follow blindly. Combine your own decoration plan and in-store style to choose the one that suits you. To achieve uniform store decoration and equipment style, in fact, why is the equipment not part of the store decoration? It can become a beautiful landscape and a new selling point.

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