Why choose home-brewed beer


Fresh brew and drink, maintaining the natural freshness […]

Fresh brew and drink, maintaining the natural freshness and nutrition of beer, rich in more than 17 amino acids, which contains eight essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body, and more than eleven vitamins, especially other B vitamins are rare in food, and winemakers can configure yellow beer, dark beer, and green beer according to the different tastes of customers to meet the needs of consumers at different levels and tastes.

     The company always adheres to the "service is also a product" business rule, provides customers with system services such as pre-sale, during-sale, and after-sales, and treats customers as partners and friends of the company. We adhere to the principle of a win-win operation, and always focus on customers during the operation of the enterprise. The company has a dedicated after-sales service department and sufficient after-sales service personnel

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