Daily cleaning and maintenance steps of beer production equipment


In recent years, people’s quality of life has generally […]

In recent years, people’s quality of life has generally increased. Beer people are not limited to ordinary canned beer, but turn to craft beer produced by beer equipment. The taste of this type of beer is relatively better than ordinary beer, and the more production equipment is used. The more frequent you come, you should also pay attention to maintenance during use to prevent the later use of the equipment from being affected. So how should beer production equipment be cleaned and maintained? Let's take a look together.


1. It is strictly forbidden to use Cl-detergents or cleaning agents for cleaning. Such cleaning agents have a certain impact on beer production equipment and severely cause corrosion.

2. The beer production equipment is not used for a long time, and the equipment needs to be cleaned before shutting down. After the water has been cleaned, the valves should be closed. In addition, the self-brewed equipment should be cleaned before restarting after it is not used for a long time. Repeat the cleaning several times to ensure that the taste of beer will not be affected by the peculiar smell in the equipment in the later use.


3. Regularly check the wiring and grounding of each motor and pump to ensure that the wiring is correct. Check the oil level of the geared motor and hydraulic device, and add lubricating oil to the stirring motor regularly according to the instructions.


4. Regularly check whether the connecting parts of the mixing and tilling knife are tight. The pumps used should not be idling or reversed. If the pump is leaking, the pump seal should be replaced in time.


5. It is necessary to check whether the pressure gauges and safety valves of the steam heating equipment are normal, and ensure that the traps are unblocked; if the liquid level is less than the specified level, remember not to turn on the heating! (When the equipment is running, high temperature pipelines such as steam and wort and Warning signs should be hung on the top of the saccharification equipment to prevent burns.


6. Frequently check whether there is any foreign matter in the hopper of the crusher, check whether the fasteners on the crusher are loose, the tightness of the crusher's drive belt and the reliability of the safety protection devices. Clean the grinder roller regularly.


The above are the daily cleaning and maintenance steps of beer production equipment. Following the above steps can avoid some problems during use. Timely cleaning can also ensure the quality of beer. Regular inspection and maintenance can help products avoid some impacts during production. The problem of use. It must be discovered and handled in time.

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