Do you fit the ulterior alcohol beer brewed by beer equipment?


First, see: Bubble is white and thin, lasting hangup Th […]

First, see: Bubble is white and thin, lasting hangup
The bubble is also a quality indicator of beer, which has a relationship with the alloy of the carbon dioxide gas in the beer liquor. Quality Beer poured into a clean cup and immediately produced a foam. The foam in the beer is good, delicate, lasting, hanging cups, usually from the sommelis, the foam cover is full of wine, and there is no longer than three minutes.



Second,: There is obvious wine aroma and malt flavor
Beer's wine aroma requires fresh and refreshing, there is no old smell, no wine is a water. The malt aroma should be fragrant (pastel beer), focus (concentrated beer).


Third, taste: The entrance is smooth and round
Beer must also contain proper bitterness is the right, appropriate amount of bitterness gives drinkors with a good role in the mouth, appetizing, fluid, and thirst.

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