Factors affecting the brewing quality of beer equipment


High-quality beer can be brewed through the rational us […]

High-quality beer can be brewed through the rational use of craft beer equipment, but there are still some problems that need to be paid attention to when using beer equipment. Therefore, if you want to brew refined beer, you need to pay attention to many details. The following will share with you some factors that you should pay attention to when brewing high-quality beer.

1. Wort ingredients. The wheat counter contains sufficient base acid and easily fermentable carbohydrates, because only a small amount of alcohol is produced through the synthesis system [The content of base acid in the wort should be controlled at (18±2) mg/L. It is appropriate, if The ratio of excipients is too large, and more sucrose is added, which often results in the lack of a-base in the wheat meter, which leads to an increase in alcohol.

2. The amount of yeast added. It is appropriate to use (1.5~1.8)X17/mL. The inoculation amount is high, the newly proliferated yeast cells are relatively small, which is beneficial to reduce the formation of alcohol; if the yeast cells multiply, more alcohol is easily formed. In actual production, the number of yeast proliferation is generally controlled within 4.

3. Fermentation type. With combined tank fermentation (the main fermentation uses a cone-shaped fermentation tank, and the post-fermentation is carried out in a traditional fermentation tank), the total amount of alcohol is increased by 2-25 compared to the ordinary fermentation method. No matter what method is adopted, all measures to accelerate the main fermentation will increase the alcohol content.

4. Fermentation temperature. Excessively high dissolved oxygen in wort and high-temperature fermentation both promote yeast propagation and correspondingly increase the production of alcohol. Therefore, low-temperature main fermentation and high-temperature reduction techniques can be used. Pressurized fermentation is also beneficial to reduce the formation of alcohol.

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