How can homebrew equipment lack beer equipment


Whether it is home beer equipment, or bar beer equipmen […]

Whether it is home beer equipment, or bar beer equipment, home homebrewing beer equipment is generally home standing kitchen equipment, and beer has many roles in our lives, often homebrewing beer, and for homebrewing beer should have what that, the following to share with you the equipment needed for homebrewing beer equipment:


Insulation bucket: generally use insulation bucket to soak malt, constant temperature for sugar.
Heating pot: an ordinary pot can be used.
Beer bottles: recycled commercial beer bottles can be used
Fermentation tanks: There are many types of fermentation tanks, which can be glass bottles, plastic barrels, or pure water buckets. In short, any large volume, corrosion resistant sealed container can be used as a fermenter for home brewed beer.



Beer in life you did not think of the wonderful use
1. beer can make flowers fresh
This believe that many friends are not clear, because beer contains sugar, ethanol and other substances so can make the flowers have a fresh role, but right, I do not know whether there will be a taste of beer out of it?

2. scrubbing the refrigerator with beer can remove the odor



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