How does the malt used in the production of craft beer equipment affect beer?


The use of craft beer equipment requires abundant raw m […]

The use of craft beer equipment requires abundant raw materials, and most of them are malt. Malt plays a great role in the production of beer. It can be fermented by yeast through a certain process, so that it can be made into beer. Next, I will introduce specifically how the malt used in the production of beer equipment affects beer.


1. Impact on beer flavor
In the beer brewing process, special malt can incorporate a large number of typical flavors and special taste into wort and beer. Taking coke malt as an example, the addition of coke malt has a significant effect on the flavor of the wine, especially it can increase the mellowness of beer and leave a deep impression on the malt flavor. Through a certain process, a wort with rich nutrients such as sugars and phosphates can be made, which can be fermented by yeast to make beer. Therefore, when producing light beer or low-concentration beer, coke malt can be appropriately added to make up for the monotony of taste and flavor.



2. The impact on bubbles
Adding proper amount of coke malt and wheat malt can improve the foam performance of beer, which is familiar to everyone. With the popularity of crystalline malt in the market, began to try an appropriate amount of crystalline malt to extend the foam holding performance of beer. Generally speaking, it is ideal to control the dosage within 10%, and the specific use should be determined according to the wine variety, raw material indicators and process implementation.


3. Impact on the brewing environment and overall quality
Lactic acid malt is commonly used in the production of craft beer equipment. Lactic acid malt is a representative of special malt, which can improve beer quality by improving the brewing environment. In fact, the mash containing a certain amount of lactic acid malt is a kind of biological acidification. It is safer and more effective to adjust the pH value of the mash, enhance the enzyme activity in the mash, improve the composition of polyphenols, and make the beer taste better. Softer, more coordinated, and fuller.


The above is an introduction to the influence of malt used in the production of craft beer equipment on beer. When using malt, carefully confirm its quality. Prevent the purchase of unsuitable products, which will affect the taste of beer. In addition, malt has a certain effect on the foam of beer.

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