How efficient is the beer filling machine equipment?


In bottling production, beer filling machines have alwa […]

In bottling production, beer filling machines have always played a very important role. The improvement of equipment quality and operating efficiency directly affects the efficiency and quality of the production value, so how efficient is the beer filling machine equipment? What are the characteristics?


If only relying on the extensive operation of expanding capital investment and expanding the scale of production cannot meet the development needs, China's production has already entered the adjustment of product structure and the improvement of capacity. Developmental. In the new era, technological upgrading, product replacement and operation management are important topics for industry development. Speed ​​up the establishment of an innovation system to form the company’s independent development capabilities as soon as possible, refine, specialize, refine and enhance China’s bottled water filling machine products; adjust the industrial structure, increase production concentration, serialize production, promote specialization, and improve Product quality and market adaptability.



In terms of equipment performance, quality, service development and reliability, the technical level of household large bottled water machines is at a disadvantage. In terms of product structure, we must be market-oriented and change the current low-tech and low-content products. Under the competitive situation, we must eliminate low-efficiency, high-consumption, low-grade products, low-value-added, labor-intensive, and strive to develop and produce high-efficiency, low-consumption complete sets of large-scale high-tech equipment and products, and conduct production and sales.


Introduction of performance characteristics of beer filling machine:
1. The beer filling machine adopts high-quality stainless steel square tube grille, stainless steel wire drawing board, compact structure, beautiful appearance and novel design;

2. Nozzle drip-proof design, high filling precision and accurate measurement.

3. When the beer filling machine is filling, the liquid flows down to the wall of the umbrella-shaped bottle, which effectively prevents the foam caused by the impact of the liquid during the filling process and prevents the liquid from overflowing.

4. The beer filling machine adopts PLC control system, the filling process is stable and reliable, with overload protection and emergency stop functions;

5. PLC beer filling machine intelligently controls the filling volume, the control is accurate, stable, and the adjustment is convenient and fast;

6. This machine has a wide filling range, the filling volume can be adjusted within a certain range, and it can be customized beyond the range.

7. The beer filling machine adopts electricity, gas phase coordinated control and automatic control operation, which greatly improves the stability of machine operation;

8. The filling valve of the beer filling machine is easy to disassemble and clean;

9. Automatic counting function, effective control of filling volume.

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