How to avoid foaming during filling in craft beer equipment


1. The isobaric pneumatic switch device of craft beer e […]

1. The isobaric pneumatic switch device of craft beer equipment is not adjusted properly, and the inflation reserve pressure valve is not fully opened, and the equal pressure cannot be reached within a unit time. As a result, the reserve pressure of the wine tank is greater than the air pressure in the bottle, and the wine serving speed is too fast.


2. The quiet wine time is not enough. The opening and closing of the wine valve of the filling machine is divided into two processes: drinking and static stability. When the wine is fully served but the quiet time is not enough, the wine will be in a "turbid" state. This can be clearly observed at the valve closed. It is necessary to consider the problems of too small opening of the wine valve and too much time for aeration and pressure relief.


3. When the pressure relief device fails, it cannot be guaranteed to remove part of the pressurized gas in time. For example, if the pressure relief track and the discharge valve are too large, the pressure relief opening is insufficient.


The above has explained the reasons for the frothing of the wine valve and the troubleshooting measures from the equipment, but the specific problems should be analyzed in detail to eliminate the faults in a timely and effective manner to ensure normal and orderly production. But if you really want to control the frothing problem of beer filling, it is important Management of people.


First of all, we must strengthen the skill training of the operators, requiring them to understand the process and the equipment, so that they can make a correct judgment when a fault occurs, take targeted measures, and eliminate the fault in a short time. The second is to strengthen the maintenance work after shifts, to check and watch diligently to eliminate the problem in the bud and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Only in this way, all problems will be solved.

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