How to brew wine with home-brewed beer equipment?


"Beer" is arguably the favorite of the season. And beca […]

"Beer" is arguably the favorite of the season. And because of various "additives", people no longer believe in the food and beverages outside. However, using home-brewed beer equipment to brew wine can completely solve some doubts. So what method does the self-brewing beer equipment need to brew wine:


There are so many types of beer that it can be difficult to tell where it originated, it's not just light or dark beer that is relevant for a type of beer, there's a lot of information, every beer type has it A symbolic flavor of its own, which is imparted by yeast, malt, hops, and water, respectively, or influenced by these four. It is good to explain the names of all raw materials and the particularity of fermentation. To define a certain type of beer, change any one of these factors, and you may jump into another type of range.



Each country, region or even town may have its own style of beer, in fact, you may only be starting to realize that many beer styles are derived from local brewing conditions, through the combination of ingredients, local Water quality, climate, all these factors, show the characteristics of the brewer making the best beer.


To a certain extent, your success and satisfaction as a homebrewer will depend on your knowledge of your local environmental conditions to allow you to brew the best type of beer. To describe the type of beer in detail, start with yeast. Are you using ale yeast or Lager yeast? What is the temperature distribution of fermentation? The second most important factor is malt. Each special malt will make the beer with for a unique taste.


When brewing wine, you should also pay attention to the choice of raw materials, so as to make the brewed beer more delicious.

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