How to clean barley in the brewing process of beer production equipment?


Although the barley used in the brewing equipment for b […]

Although the barley used in the brewing equipment for brewing has been dusted before soaking, there is still a certain amount of dirt on the surface of the grain. In the process of soaking the wheat, the wheat leaching water is used to wash out many different chemical substances in the wheat kernels by using the tossing of the wheat kernels in the water, inverted pumps and other mechanical methods.

After adding the first soaking water, it can be seen that there is still a large amount of dirt on the surface of the wheat grains dissolved in the water. In addition, there are bitter substances, silicic acid and wheat husk proteins that are also soluble in water. These substances are not conducive to the taste of beer and cause the beer to appear turbid, so this cleaning process is very important.


Fusarium on the surface of barley is not dangerous. They will multiply only when the harvesting weather conditions are unfavorable. Therefore, it is very important to use rapid detection methods to detect the number of Fusarium before malting. The inside of the kernels of infested barley is often red due to the presence of mold hyphae.


If the whole batch of barley is not sour, the bactericide can be used for sterilization when the barley is soaked. This is the barley cleaning process of the brewed beer equipment.

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