How to ensure the safe use of brewed beer equipment


Beer from craft beer equipment is a popular drink on ma […]

Beer from craft beer equipment is a popular drink on many occasions.

In order to increase the attraction and experience of the store, many businesses will choose to place craft beer equipment in the store to provide customers with wine and bring a lot of profits for themselves. However, while the equipment brings profits, the equipment must not be forgotten. It must be maintained to ensure that it can be used normally in the future.

1. It should be noted that if the machine has a serious failure, it should be disconnected from the power and contact a professional maintenance person for inspection.

2. If the compressor needs to be restarted repeatedly, the starting interval should be 5 minutes to avoid damage to the machine caused by rapid repeated startup.

3. Regularly clean the heat dissipation part of the machine to ensure that there is no blockage, so that the machine has normal heat dissipation function.

4. If the equipment is no longer used for a long time, it should be powered off, and the interior should be cleaned and then placed.

When the voltage is too low or the fluctuation is large, the machine should be turned off. After the beer equipment is normal, turn on the machine. Usually, wait 3 minutes before turning on the machine. When transporting the host, please cut off the power supply first, and do not tilt the power supply. At the end of the day, you need to unplug the power supply, close the CO2 gas cylinder valve, and turn the pressure gauge adjustment knob. The thermostat has been adjusted at the factory. The user does not need to make adjustments to avoid the ice layer being too thick and causing malfunction.

When using brewed beer equipment normally, check the water level and water quality in the water tank every 15 days, and clean the wine and water pipes regularly. Clean the wine barrel with a special bucket and special detergent, install it on the dispenser, adjust the pressure of carbon dioxide gas, wash it twice, then rinse with water, and then dry with carbon dioxide gas.

During water change and cleaning, be careful not to splash water on the motor. The air inlet and outlet of the condenser must not be blocked by obstacles. Check the condenser fins regularly. If there is dust, blow it with compressed air. If there is fluff, brush the fluff with a brush to ensure good ventilation. For home-brewed beer equipment, clean the dispenser and head regularly, and soak the sealing rubber ring with warm water at about 50 degrees for 5 minutes to maintain the rubber elasticity.

When the machine is not used for a long time, who should let it go, clean the wine tube and dry the outer wall of the machine, put it in a box, and then store it in a dry place. The safety of brewing equipment is naturally indispensable, but it must also be clean and hygienic . Natural cleaning and disinfection of brewing equipment is essential

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