How to operate craft beer equipment


First, craft beer equipment is not too harsh on voltage […]

First, craft beer equipment is not too harsh on voltage requirements, as long as ordinary household voltage fluctuates within the specified range, it will not have an impact. However, when the voltage of some brewing beer machines is unstable, they must be shut down, and then restarted after a few minutes.


Second, the installed craft beer equipment cannot be tilted, it must be kept upright, and it is not recommended to move it frequently. If you must move, unplug the power plug first, stop the power supply, and keep it upright when moving.

Third, craft beer equipment also needs careful maintenance. Whenever the stop of brewing is over, unplug the power plug, turn off the switch of the carbon dioxide bottle, and turn the knob of the pressure gauge back. The best brewing beer machines are equipped with automatic temperature control equipment. Don't change it without authorization, otherwise it is easy to malfunction. If you do not use it in a short period of time, you should drain the water in the machine, clean the outer wall, and place it in a dry place after packaging.


Fourth, the parts of craft beer equipment that need to be regularly inspected and maintained include the water level and water quality of the water tank. If necessary, use a special cleaning agent to clean it, and then rinse with water. The motor cannot come into contact with water, so be careful not to splash water on the motor when you perform maintenance. The air vent of the condenser must be well ventilated, if there are obstructions around it, it must be removed. If necessary, use high-pressure air to blow off the dust, or combine with a brush for cleaning. Also check and clean the dispenser and wine tip frequently. If the sealing rubber ring loses its elasticity, it must be replaced.

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