How to solve the problem that the hotel beer equipment can not be saccharified?


The use of beer equipment not only reduces expenses, bu […]

The use of beer equipment not only reduces expenses, but also allows oneself or customers to drink nutritious beer. The emergence of hotel beer equipment has greatly enriched the deeper connotation of the beer industry, and at the same time added its new style and charm. However, with the current economic adjustment and development, the hotel beer equipment has neither electricity nor coal in the brewing process. So how to solve the problem that the hotel beer equipment cannot be saccharified?



Saccharification of beer equipment in the hotel during a power outage: After a power outage, it will happen that the stirring motor cannot be turned on, and the wort cannot be delivered by the pump. At this time, the heated steam valve should be reduced, and the manpower should be organized with clean wood pulp and wooden boards. Stir, but you should be careful to cut off the power of the stirring motor first to prevent accidents after the power is turned on. The other method is to use direct steam heating, that is, use a long tube with a porous spherical end, and connect clean steam When the porous sphere is inserted into the mash, when the steam is sprayed from the small holes, it not only plays a stirring role, but also plays a heating role, until the mash boils and stops.


Saccharification of the hotel beer equipment when the steam is stopped: The mash cannot be heated when the steam is stopped. In order to prevent the rancidity of the mash or the electrochemical phenomenon of starch, some emergency measures can be taken. If the temperature of the mash is below 70 degrees Celsius, you can go to the gelatinization pot Add high-temperature water to the mash to increase the temperature of the mash to 70-72 degrees Celsius for heat preservation and liquefaction.Some malt powder can be appropriately added, or a certain amount of malt mash can be added from the saccharification pot pump to strengthen the liquefaction capacity.

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