How to store wine produced by home-brewed beer equipment?


The beer from the brewing equipment contains a certain […]

The beer from the brewing equipment contains a certain amount of active yeast, then we say that the active yeast will undergo secondary fermentation under certain conditions. For this reason, some necessary conditions are required to preserve the original brewed beer. According to the characteristics of the beer It is necessary to determine the specific conditions.



1. The beer produced by the self-brewing beer equipment should be stored in strict accordance with the production time and product type, so that it should be sterilized and put into the warehouse before sales. Be careful not to put it in the cold storage for too long.


2. Beer has stricter temperature requirements than other beers without yeast. The temperature in the cold storage must be suitable and can have a certain inhibitory effect.


3. Ventilation is also critical, we say that if the ventilation is not good, maybe I will spoil our labels.


4. Beer should not be placed directly in the open air. In order to prevent sunlight and rain, try to avoid direct sunlight.


5. There are live yeasts in fresh beer. Under the condition of high temperature, it is easy to become rancid and deteriorated. Therefore, beer should be stored below 15°C, and the best temperature is about 0°C in a ventilated and shaded place. This maximizes the foam contained in the beer.


6. The temperature should not be lower than 1.5℃, and it should not be stored at low temperature for a long time. The beer will freeze and become cloudy if kept at low temperature for a long time. It will affect the taste and quality of the wine.

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