Maintenance method of brewing beer machine equipment


The brewed beer produced by the brewing equipment conta […]

The brewed beer produced by the brewing equipment contains a certain amount of yeast and will be fermented twice in a certain environment. In this way, we all know that the preservation of the beer brewed by the brewing equipment has certain requirements.


When self-brewed beer equipment is reproduced, it is usually placed in brewing tanks, wine tanks or wine storage vessels. The equipment sold by our manufacturer has no wine tanks except for the brewing tank, and there is no need to worry about storage in the brewing tank. Even if I put it inside for two months, nothing happened. If we have to worry about the temperature in other wine storage containers, otherwise it will affect the taste of the beer, up to the consequence that the beer is not drinkable. And when making wine, the equipment must be strictly disinfected and strictly in accordance with the winemaking requirements we said, so as not to affect the taste and taste of the wine.

The beer brewed by the self-brewed beer equipment should be stored in a cool, dry place. It should not be stacked in the open, and it should be protected from the sun and rain; it should not be in direct contact with the wet ground.


With the development of the economy, simplicity and convenience have now become a fashion trend. In hotels, the brewing machine plays an important role in the process of brewing beer. So how to clean and maintain the brewing beer equipment? First of all, yeast expansion, fermentation equipment and daily maintenance work to ensure that the equipment is clean and sterile. Second: do a good job of instrument maintenance and inspection, and timely repair or replace abnormal fermentation. In addition: Do the daily maintenance of pipeline valves and safety valves, and timely repair or replace if the fermentation fails to open or leaks. At the same time, pay attention to the inspection of the CIP device and the washing ejector in the tank every time the fermentation equipment is used. If there is leakage, spraying, or poor operation, it should be handled in time.

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