Malfunctions and solutions of beer equipment


1. Problem: water pump leaks Solution: To replace the m […]

1. Problem: water pump leaks
To replace the mechanical seal, you can go to the local maintenance point to replace it or contact the company's after-sales service to request the after-sales service to send a video of the water seal replacement.


2. Problem: Leakage pressure in the fermentation tank
① Check whether the breathing valve is leaking, and clean it if it leaks.
② Check whether the root of the pressure gauge is leaking. If it leaks, tighten the screw.
③. Use soapy water to check whether the welding seam of the tank top pipeline is leaking. If it leaks, weld the leaking spot.
④ Check the valve for internal leakage, if it leaks, clean or replace it.
⑤ After the tank is empty, fill the tank with water and use carbon dioxide to back pressure from the top of the tank to 0.18MPa. If the water flows out of the bottom of the tank, it means that the tank is rotten and needs to be returned to the factory for repair.

3. Problem: The heating pipe of the saccharification tank leaks
①. Replace the gasket.
②. Tighten the screws.


4. Problem: The pipe is leaking.
①. Tighten the quick-release clamp.
②. Check whether the gasket is in good condition and pad it.

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