Matters needing attention in beer filling


Filling requirements for beer bottles The cleanliness o […]

Filling requirements for beer bottles
The cleanliness of the bottle directly affects the quality of beer. It is necessary to solve the problem that there should be no cross-contamination during the bottle washing process, and the washing rate of the bottle should reach the hygiene standard of beer washing. In response to the above requirements, the whole machine adopts a two-end structure with separate bottles in and out. In the bottle washing process, multi-tank segmented immersion and internal and external spray cleaning are adopted. In the de-marking method, the external de-marking is adopted, and the box at the end of the bottle is made of stainless steel, and a cleaning and sterilization pipeline system is separately provided in this box.

Glanding after filling (sealing)
Capping is a key process for beer formation and bottling. In addition to solving the general beer filling problem, it is also necessary to solve the comprehensive problem of no secondary pollution of bottles, caps, and beer during the filling process. Therefore, the internal structure and external structure of the entire conjoined machine, the setting of the filling process route, the conveying of the bottle cap system and the setting of the CIP cleaning system must all meet the requirements for bottling production of beer.


Requirements for the working environment of filling beer
Beer bottling not only puts forward strict requirements on bottling equipment, but also puts forward strict environmental sanitation requirements on the bottling workshop, especially the environment of the filling area. The clean room is recommended to use epoxy resin floor to avoid residual bacteria in the construction joints of the floor tiles. And need to be equipped with SIP foam cleaning system. In this way, the air in the filling area is kept clean, the equipment is clean, and the site environment is clean, providing a reliable environmental guarantee for beer filling. The bottle conveying system in this area still needs to be equipped with a dust cover and a bottle bottom disinfection tank to allow clean bottles to enter the filling and capping machine.

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