Method for making craft beer with craft beer equipment


Craft beer is becoming more and more popular, and as a […]

Craft beer is becoming more and more popular, and as a beer maker, it is also gratifying. However, winemaking also needs to be carried out step by step, among which the craft brewing equipment for making wort is very important.



1. Raw material pretreatment: Mix light malt meal and water at 45°C with craft brewing equipment for 30 minutes to obtain an appropriate amount of border dextrin enzyme solution, and then clarify for 30 minutes.

2. Making wort: add water to malt powder, add sugar at 62~65℃, and filter for a certain period of time.

Add 50% of the total hops to the wort and boil for 45 minutes. The 11.5° Bx wort is separated from the hops and cooled to about 5°C.

3. In the sugar making process, the choice of sugar making method has always been valued by winemakers. In recent years, in order to improve the quality of beer, make full use of auxiliary materials (non-germinating rice, puffed corn, etc.), improve sugar extraction rate and energy saving, the first two saccharification methods have been improved to the combined boiling-dipping saccharification method.

4. The first fermentation: add 0.5% yeast mud to the cold malt in the fermentation tank. Fermented at 8°C for 3 to 4 days, the alcohol content can reach 2.5%.

Press the tender beer into a boiling pot, add the remaining 50% water, and cook for another 45 minutes to reduce the alcohol evaporation to 1%. Cool down after adding water to replenish the evaporated liquid.

5. Re-fermentation: After filtering the above-mentioned tender beer, add 1% yeast puree, after about 12 hours of fermentation, add about 6% of the pre-prepared border dextrin enzyme solution.

After continuous fermentation at 12-20℃ for 7 days, the extract content in the extract is about 0.3%.

6. Post-processing of craft beer equipment: the above tender beer is cooled and the yeast is separated. After the finished product is stored for 12 days, the substances that can cause turbidity are separated and removed.

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