Non-alcoholic beer


Even without alcohol, beer is still beer, and it tastes […]

Even without alcohol, beer is still beer, and it tastes just as wonderful.
Alcohol content is less than 1.2%
Only beer with an alcohol content of less than 1.2% can meet the French non-alcoholic wine regulations. You may be surprised. Isn’t it alcohol-free? Why does it still have alcohol? Legislators believe that this product is difficult to get drunk, and while drinking, the body has enough time to metabolize alcohol, so it is judged that there is no problem with this legal definition . There is no denying that its alcohol content is indeed very low, but it is still a problem for people who are abstaining from alcohol, prohibiting alcohol or not drinking due to religious prohibitions.



Three ways to brew non-alcoholic beer
1. Low-density brewing
The brewer selected a small amount of malt and starch to reduce, the sugar content will also become less, and finally the alcohol will become less. The fermentation time is shortened, so the flavor of the beer will not be too good
2. Membrane filtration fermentation
The fermented beer uses membrane filtration technology to separate ethanol. However, the disadvantage of this method is that it will remove some aroma molecules at the same time.
3. Distillation
Heat the beer to let the alcohol evaporate, but the ignition point of ethanol is 78°C, which may spoil the taste of beer. The trick is to keep the brand wine in a vacuum state, which can effectively reduce the boiling point and obtain a zero-alcohol beer

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