• Common solutions to beer turbidity

    Common solutions to beer turbidity

    Turbid beer: It is a beer that has a certain amount of live yeast in the finished product and has a turbidity of 2.0 to 5.0 EBC turbidity units. Unless the beer style requires a certain degree of turbidity (except wheat beer, turbid IPA, some dark beer), in fact, beer is still scored by color, luste... read more

    Jun 10,2021 News
  • The effect of yeast autolysis on beer flavor

    The effect of yeast autolysis on beer flavor

    1. Produce beer "yeast flavor". After the yeast autolysis, a large amount of intracellular substances enter the beer, which makes the beer produce "yeast flavor". Its representative level is ethyl decanoate, and when the content exceeds 1.5×10-6 (1.5ppm), it can make people feel very uncomfortable. ... read more

    Jun 04,2021 News
  • Factors affecting yeast autolysis

    Factors affecting yeast autolysis

    1. Yeast Due to the poor performance of yeast itself, it is manifested as senescence, mutation, and low yeast activity. It is easy to die and self-dissolve when the process conditions change.   2. Wort composition The composition of wort nutrients is unreasonable, leading to malnutrition of yea... read more

    May 28,2021 News
  • Causes of yeast autolysis

    Causes of yeast autolysis

    The fermentation process is actually a yeast metabolism process. To obtain high-quality beer, you must first have a yeast strain with vigorous vitality, strong itself, good performance, and beneficial flavor. The performance of yeast changes due to factors such as fermentation process conditions and... read more

    May 21,2021 News
  • What are the classification methods of beer equipment

    What are the classification methods of beer equipment

    There are many kinds of beer equipment, and there are many classifications. It summarizes all the beer equipment on the market roughly according to the following classification methods.   According to the different uses of beer equipment, it is divided into: catering special beer equipment, fam... read more

    May 14,2021 News