Precautions for the fermentation process of self-brewed beer equipment


Beer is a common alcoholic beverage in daily life. Ther […]

Beer is a common alcoholic beverage in daily life. There are many types of wine tasting. However, if you want to make high-quality beer, you should follow the specifications. How should high-quality beer be made? The following will specifically introduce its production process:


1. The process control should be coherent, centralized and effective.


2. The fermentation process conditions are flexible and changeable, such as process temperature, which should be well controlled.


3. If the volume of the equipment is large, the tank should be filled in batches. The addition of yeast can also be done in several stages. In addition, the cooling temperature should be gradually increased.



4. The recovery of carbon dioxide is also very important. In order to maintain the consistency of the carbon dioxide content of beer, a certain pressure is usually maintained in the tank.


5. The fermentation process should recover as much carbon dioxide as possible, and the residual carbon dioxide of the fermentation broth should be measured before filtration, and the measured value should be added quantitatively.


6. Yeast recovery and discharge. Yeast can usually be recovered more than 2 times, and the condensate can be discharged more than 4 times.


To sum up, the fermentation process of beer equipment is complex and changeable. If we want to produce high-quality beer, we should always pay attention to the changes of equipment to reduce errors.

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