Precautions for the use of self-brewed beer equipment


Self-brewed beer equipment is a kind of mechanical equi […]

Self-brewed beer equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment, which should be used in accordance with the rules of use, so as to ensure safe and healthy beer. So, what problems should be paid attention to when brewing beer equipment is in operation? Let's take a look:

Crushing system: Use the correct crushing method, and the malt should not be too wet, so that the grinder disc has more viscous materials. After each crushing, clean the disc impurities. During the normal operation of the brewed beer equipment, if the crusher has thick materials, it must be cleaned before crushing.


Saccharification system: When heating, pay attention to the water flowing through the heating tube or the heating wall. When the filtration is slow, loosen the lees layer, and then start the mixer. Do not hard start the mixing appliance. After the operation is completed, the appearance should be cleaned. When there is a lot of dirt, do not scrub with hard objects to avoid damage to the outer wall of the tank.


Fermentation system: When fermenting, pay attention to the pressure requirements of the fermentation tank of the brewed beer equipment, and do not operate with overpressure. Fermentation instruments are checked frequently to ensure that the instruments are normal, so as to avoid operational errors and damage the inside of the tank. The outer wall of the beer equipment fermentation tank must be cleaned regularly. After each operation, the outer wall must be cleaned, and the inside of the beer equipment fermentation tank must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.


Control system: Ensure that the wiring of the brewed beer equipment is correct, otherwise the motor will burn out easily. The voltage is within the normal range, and the voltage cannot be too high. After the original electrical appliance is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. The operating environment should be clean and keep the outside of the tank hygienic.

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