Principle of the role of beer equipment


The role of the platy is to boil the rice flour and par […]

The role of the platy is to boil the rice flour and part of the malt powder with water, and is used to heat the glycalated heating to heat the starch and gelatin.


The pot body is cylindrical, the bottom of the pot is a spherical debris, the top cover is a butterfly, and the blender is equipped with a stirrer. There is a heating device in the bottom of the pot. There is an insulation layer outside the pot. The millennium powder, malt powder and hot water were mixed by the powder tube and the water pipe, and the splitting concentration and temperature were uniform by mixing the split mixer, which made the viscous glow concentration and temperature even. Heavy particles are suspended without sinking to the panicles to form "pot" to prevent local overheating from the heat-warping surface.


In order to uniformly distribute the steam, there is a steam inlet with four short tubes and the steam jacket, the vapor pressure is 0.3 to 0.6 MPa, and the steam condensed water is taken from the condensed water pipe, and the no-condensing gas is not condensed below the steam jacket. The tracheal valve is released. There is a thermal insulation layer outside the steam clamp. There is a duplex tube and a ring water tube on the pot cover. The top of the pot is provided with a litter tube. There is a ring groove at the bottom of the flute tube, collecting condensation sewage under the wall of the flute tube, from condensed sewage pipe row To the ditch. The root of the flute pipe also has an exhaust damper, and adjusts its opening and closing degree as needed. The top of the flute tube has a tubular hood to prevent birds from entering and wind and rain.


The material of the saccharification pan, generally use stainless steel plates to ensure beer quality. A copper plate is used in the heating jacket, as the purge heat transfer effect is good, and the plain carbon steel plate can be used in the bottom of the jacket. The lid, the inner surface weld in the bottom of the pot should be grinded, and the acidic passivation treatment of corrosion resistance should be made. The exposed surface polished, should not be tramined, scratched.

Wheat cycle
The influence of the curved pot bottom on the fluid cycle, due to the lower liquid column H2 in the bottom inclined wall surface, the heat-resistant area is large, and the central portion liquid column H1 is deeper, the heating area is smaller, that is, an edge unit volume liquid The heating area is larger than the center, resulting in a liquid density at the edge of the bottom of the pot to be inclined to the central portion, so that the air bubbles are generated around the bottom of the pot, and the surrounding liquid is upward, the important liquid downward natural circulation is formed. In the same case, the agitation power consumption is only 60% of the pan, and the pockets of the ball is also easy to clean. Therefore, most of the pockets, sugarized pots, and boiled pot bottoms are made into spur debris or ellipsoid.


Pastel pot agitator is used to use two-leaf propeller, the rotation angle can be selected from 45 ° or 60 °, resulting in the axial thrust to promote the fluid cycle and mix. The rotational speed of the agitator generally has two gears, a rapid (30 ~ 40 r / min) for water drinking raw materials, stir mixing; one gear (6 ~ 8 r / min) is used to heat the insulation Stir and prevent raw material solids from deposition and end.


1 The capacity of the genizicle is smaller than the sugarized pan and the wheat sauce, and its capacity is determined to be added with the amount of raw material, and the effective capacity coefficient is 58% to 60%. Water (400 ~ 450kg) per 100kg of meter is added (including rice noodles and malt powder), the capacity of the gelatinization pot is 0.5 to 0.55 m3, and the effective volume should be calculated below the door of the human hole. Recently, large plants have the same specifications of the same specification with the saccharification pot, so that the production is convenient.
2 In order to facilitate the circulation of the liquid and a larger heating area, the ratio of the diameter of the gelation pan is 2: 1, the gas pipe area is 1/50 ~ 1/30 of the liquid evaporation area, and the temperature is not It is below 1.5 ° C / min.

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