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In the past two years, Baidu’s self-brewed beer has bee […]

In the past two years, Baidu’s self-brewed beer has been very popular. Many friends who have seen business opportunities have already started and plan to join the ranks of home-brewed beer. I believe that many friends do not know the composition and selection of self-brewed beer equipment. Today, Shandong Hao Lu beer equipment manufacturers, let us introduce the composition of the brewing beer equipment and some problems that should be paid attention to when choosing the brewing beer equipment. 


Composition of self-brewed beer equipment:  

Home-brewed beer equipment is mainly composed of two parts: saccharification tank and fermentation tank; saccharification tank is used to make wine, which is equipment for making wort; fermentation tank is equipment for fermenting saccharified wort. Generally, only one saccharification tank is needed and multiple fermentation tanks are needed, because the saccharification of wort only takes a few hours, while the fermentation cycle of wort takes 7-10 days. 

Model of self-brewed beer equipment:  

At present, most of the commercial self-brewed beer equipment on the market has a tank body of 500L; a 500L saccharification tank is matched with a 500L fermentation tank. Take 1 500L saccharification tank with 7 500L fermentation tanks as an example. This is also a drag in the industry. Seven, we take 7 days for the fermentation period, so the daily output of one for seven is the total volume divided by the fermentation period: 7*500/7=500 (L), which means that the one for seven equipment can produce 500L of beer per day . 
The craft beer equipment is made of stainless steel, and it is a miniature brewing equipment that can brew various flavors of beer on site. It is mainly suitable for restaurants, hotels, barbecue shops, bars, small and medium-sized breweries, etc. It is the inevitable direction of the future development of the catering industry. 
Its characteristics: small scale, strong flexibility; intelligent, automatic control, easy to operate; silent design, no noise pollution, environmental protection and energy saving; exquisite appearance, brewed and drinkable, to satisfy consumers' curiosity psychology. 


Precautions for purchasing self-brewed beer equipment:  
1. Equipment material: Home-brewed beer belongs to the food industry, so the process of brewing beer has strict hygiene requirements. The home-brewed beer equipment needs to be made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, so you must be careful when choosing! 

2.  After-sales service: Brewing equipment is not a disposable machine, it is to be used for a long time, so after-sales service is very important, high-quality service can help you quickly solve the problems encountered in production, and effectively protect your vital interests. 

3.  Other factors: such as the area of ​​the equipment, the type of wine making and the expectation of daily sales, in addition to its own decoration style, you can match different styles of beer equipment according to your own decoration style.

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