Raw materials required for self-brewing beer equipment


Self-brewing beer equipment is used more in our lives, […]

Self-brewing beer equipment is used more in our lives, and in the process of using it, we naturally have to pay attention to the raw materials used, so as to make it last longer. There are four common raw materials required for home-brewed beer equipment: barley, hops, water and yeast. The quality of these raw materials determines the quality of the beer produced. Understanding the characteristics of these four raw materials and their influence on the process is the premise of processing them, and only in this way can the process control be carried out in a targeted manner. For the raw materials of home-brewed beer equipment, let's take a look at its characteristics.


Barley: The main raw material for beer brewing, commonly known as the heart of beer. Barley is used because of its high starch content, and the barley husk is still attached to the malt from the barley threshing until it is processed into malt, which can form the necessary filter layer in the subsequent production process. Before a brewery can start brewing, barley must first be converted into malt.


Hops: Gives beer a bitter taste and is the soul of beer. Affects the aroma of beer. The quality of the beer depends in particular on the quality of the flowers.



Water: Water is the most used raw material for brewing beer, and it is the blood of beer. The water during brewing affects the character and quality of the beer through the production process. In addition, many processes in malthouses and breweries require water.


Yeast: Alcohol fermentation in beer is carried out by the action of yeast, so beer brewing necessarily requires yeast. Yeast by-products also have a big impact on beer quality.


In order to brew beer with better taste and purity, self-brewed beer equipment must work hard on the selection of materials. Only good beer raw materials can be fermented into fresh beer with excellent taste and purity in the self-brewed beer equipment. So let's take a look at the diversity of home-brewed beer equipment. Trodat equipment introduces German brewing technology to produce and sell self-brewed beer equipment. The brewing uses imported beer raw materials, so the self-brewed beer produced has a fresh and natural taste.


Does not contain any additives, nutritious and healthy. According to personal taste, the types of home-brewed beer are also divided into yellow beer, dark beer, fruit beer, etc., as well as special beer specially brewed for women, which is delicious and delicious.

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