Reason analysis and solution of high beer turbidity


1. Poor malt quality The main reason is that malt has l […]

1. Poor malt quality

The main reason is that malt has low solubility, high viscosity, low brittleness, high β-glucan content, and many medium and high molecular soluble substances. These high molecular substances are still suspended in the wort after filtration or even boiling. , Resulting in an increase in wort turbidity.



(1) Use a complex enzyme preparation containing protease, glucanase and amylase to decompose the para-polymer substances in the wort.

(2) Use some precipitating or clarifying agents for proteins and polyphenols. Such as tannins, carrageenan, etc., to remove the "turbid substances" in the wort.

(3) Appropriately increase the proportion of auxiliary materials, and "dilute" high-molecular substances.

(4) Strengthen the iodine test inspection of the saccharification process, so that the iodine test reaction of the saccharification process is complete.

(5) Generally, malt with poor quality should not be used alone. Adding some good malt can prevent some undesirable phenomena and may also mutually use advantages to achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

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