Self-brewing beer equipment safely


1. When the voltage is too low or fluctuations, it shou […]

1. When the voltage is too low or fluctuations, it should be stopped. After the beer equipment is normal, turn it on, and will be turned on for 3 minutes after stopping.
2. When the host is transported, the power is turned off first, and it is strictly forbidden to tilting
3. After the end of the sale of alcohol, you need to unplug the power, close the carbon dioxide gas bottle valve and rotate back the pressure gauge adjustment knob.
4. The automatic temperature controller is shipped to the factory, and the user does not need to adjust to avoid the ice layer too thick.
5. Beer brewing equipment Check the water level and water in the water tank every 15 days, regularly cleaning the wine tube. The cleaning wine pipe is applied with a special cleaning barrel, install the dispenser, adjust the carbon dioxide gas pressure, and circulate it twice, then rinse it with water, and then dry water with carbon dioxide gas. Call the water and cleaning, you should not pay attention to the motor on the motor.
6. The condenser can not be blocked by the obstacle, regularly check the condenser fins, if there is dust, please use the compressed air, if there is a fluff, brush the fluff, to ensure good ventilation
7. Beer brewing equipment Regularly clean the dispenser and the greenery, and soak the sealed rubber ring for about 5 minutes of warm water for 5 minutes to keep rubber elasticity
8. Who should be removed when the machine is not available for a long time, cleaning the wine tube wipes the outer wall of the machine, and the box is stored on the dry place.


Self-brewing beer equipment is naturally indispensable, but it also guarantees clean hygiene. It is natural to sterilize sterilization for brewing beer equipment.


The main equipment exposed to the beer production process includes a sugarized pot, a gelatinous pot, boiled pot, a wheat carrier (or filter groove), cold wheat juice conveying pipe, hair drunken, malt cooler, beer transition machine, drunk mother Add pumps, beer delivery pipes, sour tanks, filling machines, and various pipe fittings used in production. Cleaning is to remove dirt on the surface of tank, pipes, and equipment as much as possible. If the cleaning is not thorough, the inner wall of the equipment and the reproduction of the emblem of the emblem can weaken the role of the fungicide. Yeast and protein impurities, wine and wine resin compounds and beerstone, etc., these dirt is deposited in the equipment due to factors such as static electricity, so that the surface of the equipment be rough, and provides the microbial growth. Microbial colonies must be removed during washing. Because the fungicides are suitable for surface sterilization, the internal survival of bacteria is small, and it is easy to contaminate again.

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