Stainless steel fermenter


The beer equipment of the two-pot three-machine brewing […]

The beer equipment of the two-pot three-machine brewing method, the function of the integrated equipment is not complete, the fee fee is not convenient, not suitable for brewing high-quality beer, due to the thin, the can body is light, although the mobile is convenient but safe Hidden dangers; the equipment of the two pot three instruments can make a brewing process can brew high-quality beer, easy to operate, thick plate, solid, no safety hazard.

The stainless steel fermentation tank for beer equipment is very good, especially energy saving performance, noise performance, and corrosion resistance. And it is very convenient to clean, but after using it for a long time, there will be some small problems, just like scale, usually use it every 3 years, so you need to pay attention to what?

It is also very convenient to clean it in the equipment, because it is very scientific, but it should not be turned out on the use of water flow, and there will be a lot of plainness in the overall use, and water In the case of increased, it is more conducive to life or fire-fighting water, and only three years was cleaned once, which greatly reduces the cost of cleaning, and also avoiding the pollution of bacterial viruses.

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