Understanding of low temperature in beer equipment


Low temperature beer equipment includes: combined sacch […]

Low temperature beer equipment includes: combined saccharification system, wort cooling system, fermentation tank and wine storage tank supporting equipment, raw material crushing system, plate heat exchanger, refrigeration system, electric heating, CIP cleaning system, pipeline, pump valve system, water Processing system. The equipment is divided into three types: simple package, standard, and model. The equipment has the advantages of miniaturization, primitiveization, fine workmanship, small batch production, high quality, benefit, generous appearance, and noble. Production does not use auxiliary materials and additives. The beer equipment brews different flavors of fresh beer on site, and the wine is produced from crushing, saccharification, boiling, filtering, and fermentation. The entire beer production process is completed on site, and the equipment requires electricity.

The brewing steps are: malt crushing, saccharification, filtration, boiling, vortex precipitation, cooling, and fermentation of malt to produce wine.

Beer fermentation belongs to low-temperature lower fermentation, with pure taste, stability, and good taste. Without heat treatment, it retains the nutrients of beer to the greatest extent. A variety of exotic beers can be produced according to local consumer needs.


1. German-style low-temperature brewing equipment is made of 304 food stainless steel or red copper. It is mirror-polished, and the exterior is polished and matt stainless steel. 

2. The overall equipment and pipeline layout is beautiful and elegant, and the appearance is simple and elegant. The pipes between the equipment adopt sanitary connection, which is easy to disassemble, assemble and move the equipment. 

3. The level of the main equipment is adjustable, stable, no running, emitting, dripping, leaking, and no steam leakage. At the same time, it has a complete automatic cleaning system, which is convenient to clean and has no residue.  

4. The main equipment welding precision hygienic standards, the containers, pipes, pipe fittings and valves in contact with wort, beer, cleaning agent and water are all made of stainless steel materials, and the wine is hygienic and healthy.  

5. The brewing process is convenient and simple to operate, just one brewer.


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