What are the benefits of beer


Beer contains sugar, protein, 10 kinds of vitamins and […]

Beer contains sugar, protein, 10 kinds of vitamins and 17 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, and is a nutrient-rich "liquid bread". A liter of beer is equivalent to 6 eggs and half a liter of milk. Beer contains a lot of ingredients that are beneficial to human health, and moderate drinking is beneficial and harmless to human health. The main benefits of beer can be divided into the following points:



1. Relieving heat and quenching thirst. The beer brewed by the self-brewed beer production equipment can stimulate the sense of taste to secrete saliva to achieve the purpose of quenching thirst. In addition, the beer has a high water content (above 90%), which can clear the fire and moisten the throat. A glass of beer in summer is like refreshing and refreshing, and it feels very beautiful.


2. Refreshing. The CO2 and organic acids in the beer brewed by the self-brewed beer production equipment have a refreshing and refreshing effect. Drinking in moderation reduces hyperexcitability and nervousness and promotes muscle relaxation.


3. Aid digestion. The main raw materials used in the production of beer are barley, alcohols, hops and polyphenols, which can increase gastric secretion, promote gastric peristalsis, and improve digestion and absorption capacity.


4. Benefit metabolism. The low content of sodium, alcohol and nucleic acid in beer can increase the blood supply to the brain, expand the coronary arteries, and speed up the body's metabolic activities.


5. Vitamin supplements. Beer contains a lot of vitamin B family, especially vitamin B12 and vitamin B2 (riboflavin).


6. Disease prevention. According to a trial conducted by the Imperial Medical Center in Oakland, California, moderate beer drinkers can reduce the risk of heart disease, ulcer disease, and prevent high blood pressure and other diseases than alcoholics and alcoholics.

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