What equipment is needed to run a small home-brewed beer equipment factory


Selection machine, vacuum cleaner, elevator, pulverizer […]

Selection machine, vacuum cleaner, elevator, pulverizer, fermentation tank, saccharification pot, gelatinization pot, filter tank, boiling pot, sedimentation tank.

●Filter tank
1. The advanced scientific special-shaped tiller structure system and hydraulic automatic lifting technology are adopted to ensure uniform trough turning and stable trough discharge, and also improve the filtration speed and production efficiency, and maintain the good transparency and juice yield of wort.
2. The use of international advanced suspension and stirring devices, coupled with frequency conversion, speed regulation and automatic control technology, makes the operation more convenient and flexible, the maintenance is simple, and the cost is saved.



1. The application of advanced internal boiling and pressurization technology improves the boiling intensity, greatly increases the evaporation effect of dimethyl sulfide, promotes the polymerization of condensable substances such as proteins, and enables the rapid separation of boiling wort and polymers.
2. The extracorporeal circulation mixing technology is adopted to accelerate the heating rate of the wort in the initial stage of boiling, so that the wort temperature is always kept uniform and consistent during the heating process, and the denaturation of the regional wort solubles caused by local overheating is prevented. The boiling quality of the wort.


●Sedimentation tank
1. According to the design of the optimal amount of spent grains per unit filtration area, the diameter-height ratio of the tank is enlarged, the swirling speed is reduced, and the settling and coagulation of the coagulation is promoted to achieve the best separation.
2. Equipped with a storage tank for thermal coagulation, it can improve the yield of wort and reduce environmental pollution.

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