What make up for brewing beer equipment


Brewing beer equipment system 1. Paste crushing equipme […]

Brewing beer equipment system
1. Paste crushing equipment
2. Sugarized filtration equipment
3. Fermentation reservoir equipment
4. Callolite filter equipment
5. CIP cleaning system
6. Refrigeration system
7. Water treatment system
8. Related electrical equipment

Among them, beer fermentation tank structure
The equipment is mainly composed of three major systems of cans, jackets, mixing systems, and jacket or coils, transmission, shaft sealing devices, thermal insulation media, support, fermentation special sampling discharge valves, coolant feed, temperature Sensor interface, PH automatic control system, pressure sensor, air breathing apparatus, CIP interface and other components.


The can body generally uses SUS304 / SUS316L advanced stainless steel, the inner cylinder wall is polished by mechanical polishing or electrolytic mirror, and the outer cylinder wall is thermally insulated from 304 full welding structures. The outer surface is mirror or matte; the outer connection port is hygienic Connector, safe and health is not dead angle, in line with national GMP health standards.


The beer fermentor online control system uses color LCD touch screen + PLC automatic control, and can be detected and controlled by the fermentation process. Control system includes sterilization interface, parameter setting and correction, data graph, data report, fermentation batch order, online animation, alarm device, etc., can be connected to the host, computer, and printer, implement remote monitoring and data storage With print.

In addition, equipped with temperature control devices, temperature-temperature holes, CIP automatic rotary spray balls, debris, baffles, air distributors, temperature sensors, optometry, liquid level, etc., easy to operate, simple and reliable .


Brewery equipment, mainly including raw material pulverization systems, saccharification systems, malonic cooling systems, fermentation systems, beer filtration systems, sterile membrane filtration systems, wash bottles, refrigerant systems, refrigeration systems, CIP cleaning System, etc. Because of the specific users, the beer brewing equipment can select configuration according to its own specific needs, and the configuration of each part of the device also has corresponding changes.


Beer equipment:
304 stainless steel: Brewery equipment is made of stainless steel 304
Perfect tooling equipment: perfect tooling equipment to ensure that every process is excellent
Automation design: high automation, saving labor, automatic temperature control pressure
High quality assurance: long service life, low maintenance cost, maximize customer profit margin
Beer equipment after-sales service advantage: Brewery equipment provides project consultation, benefit analysis, plant graphic design, 3D renderings, hotel and production site flat layout, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, etc. One-stop service implements turnkey project .
Brewing beer brewing equipment is moving in one machine. It can brew a variety of beer and can make multiple experiments.

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