What problems will affect the use of beer equipment?


The main reason that beer equipment affects saccharific […]

The main reason that beer equipment affects saccharification power is the main reason that beer equipment affects saccharification power. Beer is a kind of alcohol that is brewed through the saccharification step. Let's introduce in detail the main reasons that affect the saccharification power during the saccharification of beer brewing by beer equipment, so that you can better understand the brewing method of beer equipment.


Wort characteristics. The fermentation speed firstly depends on the degree of separation of condensate and thermal condensate in the wort, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the wort, and the composition of the wort. Fermentation temperature. The rate of alcohol fermentation increases significantly as the temperature rises, while the rate of fermentation slows down at low temperatures.

Yeast concentration. The touch area between yeast cells and wort is very important for material transformation. The touch area increases with the increase of yeast cell concentration. Yeast concentration is generally expressed by the number of cells (cells/mL). Yeast cells can reach 30-40 million cells/mL in the vigorous growth stage, and even higher in some processes.


Mechanical action. Mechanical movements such as circulation and stirring can strengthen the touch of yeast cells and wort and speed up fermentation. Yeast species. The fermentation speed is also the genetic characteristic of each yeast species, and the fermentation speed of different yeast species is different. pressure. During the fermentation process, if the pressure rises high, this will slow down the yeast proliferation and fermentation speed, and will change the formation and content of fermentation by-products.

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