What to do if the power of the brewing beer equipment saccharification process fails


In today's life, the existence of electricity is alread […]

In today's life, the existence of electricity is already an indispensable energy source. Especially on the equipment, it is even more indispensable. If there is a sudden power failure during the use of the brewing beer equipment, how should the mash that is being saccharified be handled?

After a power failure, it will happen that the stirring motor cannot be started. If it is not stirred for a long time, the mash will deposit, which will adhere to the surface of the heating layer and affect heating. At this time, manpower should be organized to stir with clean wood pulp and wooden boards, but care should be taken to cut off the power supply of the stirring motor first to prevent accidents after the call. Another method is to use direct steam heating, that is, use a long tube with a porous spherical end and clean steam at one end, and insert the porous spherical into the mash. When the steam is sprayed from the small holes, it acts as a stirring It plays a role of heating again, until the mash boils and stops. And the mash can be considered to use a manual manual pump, and at the same time in the mash area in the saccharification pot for manual stirring, and use the wooden paddle to push the mash to rotate, as far as possible to make the temperature of the mash after the mash is uniform.

Self-brewed beer equipment is indispensable in our lives, both production and use should pay attention to the above problems.


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