Working hours of craft beer brewing machinery and equipment


500L saccharification equipment, wort pump and frequenc […]

500L saccharification equipment, wort pump and frequency converter, make beer machinery energy saving, perfect protection, high control accuracy, strong overload capacity, low frequency torque, easy maintenance and other advantages. The application of frequency converter in beer machinery.


The frequency converter can provide stable and speed. The function control can realize the motor, each acceleration and deceleration to make the wort run smoothly.
Increasing the clarity of wort, making the wort added clear, less malt impurities in beer, increase the taste of beer, beer quality is very good.
At the same time, the natural filtration is changed to a mechanical filtration method, which shortens the filtration time during beer production.
At the same time, the inverter is used in the mechanical stirring of the equipment. For example, filter tank, saccharification pot, etc., realize the variable speed of the stirring motor. Achieve high beer brewing process requirements.

The specific operations are as follows:
One: The crushing system of the overall equipment: Use the correct crushing method, the malt should not be too wet, so that there are more viscous materials on the grinding disc of the grinder. After each crushing, clean the impurities of the grinding disc. During normal operation, if thick materials are attached to the crusher, it should be crushed after cleaning.


Saccharification system:

1. When heating, pay attention to the water flowing over the heating tube or the heating wall;

2. When the filtration is difficult to filter, after loosening the grain layer, start the stirrer, do not hard start the stirring appliance

3. Wort pump: It is not possible to open the valve with a small valve and feed the pump, which is easy to burn the motor;  After the operation is completed, the appearance should be cleaned. When there is a lot of dirt, it cannot be scrubbed with hard objects to avoid damage to the outer wall of the tank.

Fermentation system:

1. During fermentation, pay attention to the pressure requirements of the fermentation tank, do not press the operation;

2. When the temperature is lowered, the temperature cannot be lowered, causing the inner wall to freeze;

3. The fermentation instruments are repaired once a year, and the instruments are normal In order to avoid operation mistakes and damage the tank;

4. The outer wall of the fermentation tank should be cleaned regularly, and the outer wall should be cleaned after every operation.

5. Pickle regularly to remove beer stone in the tank.


Refrigeration system: Cover the rain canopy without affecting heat dissipation.

When using the medium temperature machine, the temperature of the ice water cannot be lowered too low, and it should be controlled within a reasonable range.

Refrigerators work for a long time, and take corresponding protective measures.


Control system:

1. The voltage is within the normal range first, the voltage can not be too large; after the original electrical appliance is damaged, it should be replaced immediately; the control cabinet is separated and kept dry.

2. It is recommended to install cooling fans and vents in the control cabinet.
The overall equipment and operating environment should be cleaned every day to maintain the sanitation of the tank. Instruments and meters are regularly maintained. The control system is regularly maintained. The equipment is regularly maintained to see if there is a lack of lubricating oil at the mechanical connections.

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