Stainless steel steam brewhouse 10HL brewery equipment

Stainless steel steam brewhouse 10HL brewery equipment

Technical Description:
■ This system can meet beer mashing requrements, inoulding mdt mllig, moshing, Wart flration, wort bail, whidpod, cooling, oxygenote and so on.
■ All tonks were mode by SUS304, in accordance with the standard of food hygiene and safety stoandards. Steam heoting.
■ The tonk is equipped with variable frequency mixer which con ochieve the change of ootating speed from 0 to 50r/min and meet the requirements of
rototing speed for mashing mixing and fltration tank mixing.
■ Automotic control or semi-automotic control wil design according with customer requirements.
■ Input and output of material and sel-circulation are connedted by sanitation pump and hose.
■ Connedion type of pipelines for equipments is quick assembly which is convenient for deaning, maintenance and epair during produdion.
■ Resonable design, delicoted process, nice oppearance, durable service, easy for operotion, repair and mointenance.

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Product Details

Equipment Structure:

HUANRUN new sylle brewhouse was consist of Mash/Louter tun, hot woter tonk (up-down struchure)ond Ketle/Whirlpool Tun.
The brewhouse was equiped with louter pump,wort pump, heat exchange plate, cold-hot water mixer, pipeline, valve and controller
The brewhouse work together with fermentationtanks(5- 10pcs), bright beer tonks(2-4pcs), woter treatment tonk, ice woter tank, glycol tank, malt
milling, screw conveyer, glycol tonk, steam generator, CIP system, beer keg washer, beer flling machine, beer slling machine, oir compressor.


Technological Parameter:

Output: 10BBL/brew
Batch: 4-6batch/day


Design Philosophy:

Centrolized control, manual control and automatic control work together. Reduce investment, water saving, energy soving, gassaving, low consumption, high eficiency.


Equipment Features :


■ To save the hot water from heat exchange plate to hot water tank for feeding material, grain washing and cleaning.
■ Exhaust pipe for ketle tun will condensate the steam to water, this method will avold to cause environmental pollution, we can use the water to wahs floor.
■ Mashing and fltration in one tank will save time and reduce wort oxidation.. Stagger scraper spindle head to help scraper toa high level, this design reduce workobstruction and save more energy. back purge system locate the bottom of tank will wash thebottom of tank more clean.
■ The key and frequent operation point can be equipped with hand control or automatic control.
■ Pertect and smooth process design make the whole equipment compact and easy to operate

Location: China
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: HR
Terms of payment and delivery: FOB Ningbo Port
Minimum order quantity: 1 pcs
Price: Consultation
Packing details: metal pallets
Delivery time: 60days after contract confirmed
Payment method: T/T or L/C

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