Beer Refrigerant Fermentation Tanks

Beer Refrigerant Fermentation Tanks

This kind of Beer Refrigerant Fermentation Tanks is mainly composed of a tank body, a stirring paddle, a sparger, a control sensor, a cooling jacket and the like. The tank body is mainly used for cultivating various bacteria, it has good sealing property, effectively prevents the bacteria from being contaminated. The stirring paddle is continuously stirred during the fermentation. The Sparger of the Cooling Jacket Fermentation Tank is used to pass the air or oxygen required for the growth of the cells. Control sensors are used to monitor changes of pH and DO in the fermentation broth during fermentation, to display and control fermentation conditions, and the like. In addition, it has the advantages of reliably sealing, high capacity, low noise, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance as well as long service life. The Cooling Jacket Fermentation Tank is widely used in chemical, food, condiment, brewing and other industries.

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