2000L Brewery Craft Beer Tank Group

2000L Brewery Craft Beer Tank Group

2000L Brewery Craft Beer Tank Group D002-B

This set of equipment uses austenitic stainless steel, honeycomb jackets for cooling jackets, and different proportions of jacket heat exchange area can be set according to customer's process requirements; sake tanks are currently mostly used in the beer industry and the wine industry. A type of sake tank is generally referred to as a wine storage tank. After beer fermentation matures, it is necessary to filter out the turbidity such as yeast in the fermentation broth to make the wine clear and transparent.


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Product Details

1. Specifications from 100L-30000L, can be customized according to customer needs.
2. Welded from high-quality stainless steel 304 or 316L.
3. The accuracy reaches the sanitary standard, the inner wall polishing finish is less than 0.6 microns, and the outer surface is made of stainless steel (can be made into primary colors, mirror polishing, etc.)
4.Imported polyurethane high-pressure foam insulation, cooling jacket using Miller plate, arched channel, corrugated channel and other jacket heat exchange methods.
5. Automatic and semi-automatic control can be realized to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of process parameters and experimental results.
6. Temperature control is achieved by the refrigerant (usually alcohol-water) in the jacket around the tank, which is generally cooled in two or three stages, depending on the size of the tank.

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